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How Often Do You Practice Self-Care?

Written By Joseph Jackson 27 Jan 2020

We talk to Nature's Wish founder Amy Murphy-Watts about how she creates moments of calm in her day-to-day routine.

How Often Do You Practice Self-Care?
Continuing our practice of introducing you to local independent businesses, Apothecary 27 now offers the gorgeous range of herbal teas from Nature’s Wish.

The teas were created to bring about a sense of benefit: blends include Clarity, Joy, Peace, Release, Serenity and Tranquility. Each tea is a unique blend of herbs and flowers designed to be sipped mindfully, allowing you pause in your day. The range complements the Nature’s Wish Energy Sprays available at the shop.

Based at the edge of Petersfield, Nature’s Wish harnesses the power of plants, particularly essences, to provide a sense of wellness and connection to nature in all its products. An essence is a form a vibrational healing, containing the imprint of energy from a particular plant, crystal or environment. Essences can be taken alone in a drink or used in other products, such as energy sprays and body oils.

Amy Murphy-Watts, the founder of Nature’s Wish, chatted with Apothecary 27 about her ethos and products:

A27: Hello Amy! Tell us about your new teas – how did the idea come about?
AMW: I love drinking herbal tea, and when I was enjoying a cup one sunny day, the idea just came to me that I could develop a range of blends that would complement the flower essences and energy sprays I make. Tea is another way for people to feel like they were giving themselves a sense of benefit from Nature’s Wish. 

A27: How did you choose particular herbs and flowers for the tea blends?
AMW: It was important that the blends connected back to the essence blends in some way, whether that was through the flower essences or the essential oils. In the Clarity tea, for example, whilst we cannot consume some of the flowers that I use for essences as a tea, the essential oil blend contains peppermint, so I used that in the tea blend. As Clarity is all about bringing the mind into focus, I blended it with green tea, along with rosemary, spearmint and ginkgo biloba. 
A27: Do you have a favourite blend?
AMW: It varies, but at the moment I’m enjoying Release (juniper and rosemary herbal infusion) and Serenity (rooibos and lavender infusion), although I have to start the day off with either Joy (jasmine green tea with lemon verbena) or Clarity, as they are both green teas. I like to have Release in the afternoon, and I often have Serenity in the evening. 
A27: Tell us a bit about taking time for tea and the mindfulness/wellbeing connection.
AMW: I find that the even taking time to make the tea, as they are all loose-leaf tea blends, is relaxing. It's a ritual; you can't hurry it. When it's just me and I'm making the tea, I like to watch it change colour – especially the Tranquility blend (chamomile, rose and ashwagandha), it goes through many changes. This in itself is mindful practice, and one I thoroughly recommend. Whether you are having tea on your own or sharing time with a friend, it is a beneficial time. If I’m on my own, I take time to recognise the taste and savour it, then I get on with what I am doing. The process of having tea with a friend is one of connection and company and being with a like-minded soul, which is perfect to share over tea. 
A27: Tell us more about the Nature’s Wish energy sprays.
AMW: I created the energy sprays as another way to use essences. Not everybody is familiar with flower essences, so I found that blending them with essentail oils and floral water made them more accessible for people to use. I find that some of my customers will only use the sprays, and not the essence drops, as they find them easier to fit into their daily routine.
A27: How do you use an energy spray?
AMW: Quite simply, you just spritz them around your aura. You can also use them around your room – I regularly use them in my office to clear the space. They are also wonderful in the car, maybe after a hectic school run, to calm you down before you head into work or a yoga class. Different sprays are useful at different times, too – Tranquility or Serenity sprays are ideal before bed.
A27: How does and energy spray differ from an aromatherapy scent?
AMW: Energy sprays are blended with essences, so in addition to the benefit of the essential oils, they have an energetic quality from the essences.

We have tester bottles of Nature’s Wish Energy Sprays on the shelf, so come in soon and try a spritz!


Find out more about Nature’s Wish at and @natureswishuk on Instagram.