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The Sleep Regime: Part 3

Written By Joseph Jackson 11 Apr 2020

To function well throughout the day, we need a good night’s sleep. The better we sleep, the better we feel the following day. But so many of us struggle to get a proper, full, restful sleep. To that end, we are running a series of blog posts about sleep.

The Sleep Regime: Part 3

First up was supplements. Then we discussed sleep hygiene.Now we talk about your sleep environment.

At the end of a long day, the bedroom should be a welcoming haven of rest. A place where your body, mind and spirit can let go, relax and recharge. We imagine soft textures, calming colours, a peaceful atmosphere. 

Most of us plan, and even achieve, a bedroom sanctuary, but over time, the stuff of life tends to creep in, polluting our restful refuge with reminders of reality. 

Piles of clothing, children’s toys, catalogues and other bits of junk post…these are little things we intend to filter out of our bedroom during daylight hours, but we either forget entirely when we go downstairs, or we never find the few minutes needed to sort it out. Then the little things become bigger things, and the bedroom ceases to be our sanctuary. 

Time to reclaim your space. Leave the mess of day-to-day life outside your door. It will be there in the morning. 

Apart from the obvious general cleaning of your bedroom, here are some tips for creating a more calming atmosphere. Start in one corner of the bedroom and work your way out. Once you’ve done a ‘big clean’, make a habit of tidying for five minutes at some point every day before bedtime – after work, before dinner, after you put the kids to bed, so when it is time for you to leave the day behind, you are welcomed to bed with a clutter-free room. 

Consider your bedside table: is it piled high with books? Sometimes too many books can add stress – I get overwhelmed by the number of books on my To-Read List. So many books, so little time! Take the pile of Booker Prize winners downstairs and leave one juicy read beside your bed. Replace the pile with things that promote tranquillity: 

  • Candles – Bathe your room in the soft glow of an artisan candle and you will find the cares of the day float away. Our in-shop favourites include Inzho Candles, Out Of The Woods and P.F. Candle Co. 
  • Himalayan salt lamp – The gentle radiance of a natural salt lamp offers a similar glow to a candle but without the open flame. Claimed to improve air quality and benefit sleep, salt lamps are an attractive, decorative addition to a bedroom.
  • Crystals – Crystals radiate energy and healing vibrations, and their colours can prove therapeutic. Even if you are on the fence about the power of crystals, the pretty stones can serve as a subconscious reminder to let go of stress. We have a selection of beautiful crystals available – hold a rose quartz in your hand, focus on the tactile surface and forget about the day. Leave a piece of purple fluorite by your bed and appreciate the colours created by nature.
  • Essential oils and oil burners - Nothing triggers emotions quite like scent. Breathe in the gentle perfume of lavender and feel your shoulders relax. Heat some Tisserand Sleep Better essential oil blend and unclench your jaw. We have a wide range of Tisserand Aromatherapy essential oils and burners in the shop.

Make your bedroom a no-devices zone. Or at the very least a social media- and news-free zone. Use your phone to listen to a bedtime meditation. Do not use your phone to check the headlines before bed! Consider using sleepDOT by Energydots to counter the electromagnetic frequencies that emit low-level radiation from electronic devices. These small discs are programmed with specific, natural frequencies (similar to programming the magnetic strip on a bank card) that encourage the brain to slow down. Attach to a bedside table or other surface near your head to benefit from this natural sleep aid.

Just before you climb into bed, spritz the room with a relaxing energy spray. After a few nights, spraying a carefully blended, restful scent will become an essential part of your bedtime routine. Puressentiel’s Rest & Relax Air Spray blends 12 essential oils to bring about peaceful sleep. Nature’s Wish offers three relaxing energy sprays – Serenity, Tranquility and Peace – that combine essential oils and healing flower essences to clear away anxiety and stress. Tisserand Sleep Better Pillow Mist includes jasmine, sandalwood and lavender to help you prepare for a quiet night. 

Set the scene with a bedroom sanctuary, take your supplements and establish a bedtime routine that eases you into rest. Your mental and physical wellbeing will be all the better for it!