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Feeling Overwhelmed? This Is The Treatment You Need To Book Yourself In For...

Written By Joseph Jackson 24 Jan 2020

Curious about alternative therapies but unsure what to expect? Apothecary 27’s Christine visits The Olive Tree therapy centre next door and shares her experience.

Feeling Overwhelmed? This Is The Treatment You Need To Book Yourself In For...

Crystal and energy healing therapies work to balance the body, mind and spirit. Benefits include reduced stress and anxiety, improved energy flow and a sense of inner peace. Dawn Wood is a fully qualified healer and offers crystal and energy healing at The Olive Tree. I chose a crystal healing session for my first treatment, and here I recount my experience, with additional information from Dawn following our session. 

The therapy room at The Olive Tree was softly lit and inviting. I wore comfortable, loose clothing for the session. Dawn welcomed me inside, and we had a brief chat about my medical history and any concerns or needs for the therapy. She explained crystal healing, and what to expect during our time together. 

Dawn prepared the room and herself prior to my arrival. “Before any healing work, I make sure I’m aligned and connecting to my spiritual link,” she said. “I ask for guidance and protection, and that it supports the highest good for healing.”

I laid back onto the therapy bed, a soft cushion under my head, a warm fleece blanket draped over me. I closed my eyes as Dawn began a relaxing meditation, her voice gently encouraging me to let go of any tension. I envisaged a honey-coloured light flowing through me, and I settled deeper into relaxation as I grounded myself.

After a few moments, Dawn began selecting some crystals that would assist with my therapy. Delicate chimes sounded; a Tibetan singing bowl further deepened my relaxed state with its humming vibration. 

“Clarity of intention is key to setting up sacred space. I ask to work at the point of greatest need – this could be anywhere in the subtle energies, chakras, or at a deeper level linked more to spiritual growth and holding soul light,” she explained. “I’m highly intuitive and sensitive to energy. Everyone is different; generally, I can feel if a person is not grounded, if their aura needs clearing, and how much flow/light is in the field. I then tune in to assess where the healing needs to come through – for me, it is a blend of inner sight, feeling, sensing and knowing. These are higher senses that we all have, but we aren’t trained to use them, or we usually block or doubt them.”

Dawn had said that I may experience a range of sensations during the session, from physical tingling to perceiving colours or images behind my closed eyes. At different times I did indeed feel the ‘brain tingles’ of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) and I had a heightened awareness of certain areas, such as my feet and legs. I also ‘saw’ colours, including green and purple – Dawn later informed me that these colours corroborated with the crystals she was using. 

I channel whilst healing; I’m guided where to place my hands if this is needed, sometimes closer to the physical body, but also further out in either the emotional, mental or spiritual layers,” she said. “I’m guided where to place the crystals and what kind of energy is needed – say, a deep grounder, or something connected to the heart with a softer, more compassionate energy. The crystals support all aspects of our journey on the Earth plane...there are many energies to work with, all beautiful. They shape and focus frequencies, like tools of light.”

Dawn ended the therapy by sounding the chime and placing a hand lightly on my shoulder. I felt a very deep inner calm, a strong sense of grounding and stillness, that I carried into the rest of my day. The session gave me a strong sense of connection – it’s hard to explain what exactly I felt connected to…to the moment, to life, perhaps, but I definitely felt an inner peace and a strong contentedness. 

The session lasted roughly one hour, including our chats before and after the therapy. Dawn was happy to answer all of my questions, explaining what she sensed from me and the crystals she used. 

While a single session is deeply relaxing, a series of crystal healing therapy is most beneficial, she noted, as once we are aware of higher states of consciousness, we can tap into them and release old patterns that no longer serve us. 


For more information or to book a therapy session, please contact Dawn on 07754 469402 or visit She also runs workshops – her next one, The Feminine Torch – Igniting the Path, will be held on Saturday, 22 February, 2-4pm. Working to create sacred space for the divine feminine, the workshop will include meditation, movement, shiatsu and crystals to help you come into stillness, find your centre and alignment. Visit the web site to book your space.